Chemical pregnancy


Hi All, I just need to vent or need some words of encouragement. My third ivf is ending with a chemical pregnancy. My first 2 cycles were not good meaning quality of embryos were bad. This cycle was much better although none were good enough to freeze by day 6. We put three top notch back and after 6 years of ttc we finally had a bfp. Well my beta was 15 and I get retested tomorrow but I know my body and know the news isn’t good. We have mfi. We’re thinking of doing the dna test on hubby’s sperm and then giving it one more shot. Does anybody have a positive story after having a chemical? Time isn’t on my side.


I went through a chemical pregnancy with my first IVF and then this past cycle was a bust with AF starting 2 days before beta :frowning: I’m sorry you are going through this but if you need to vent at all I would be more than happy to listen, I know how upsetting IVF can be. I’ll keep you in my thoughts


Lexus-I am sorry for your cp and for af this time around. Thank you for your kind words. I am not giving up yet either as your signature states you’re not!! You are also in my thoughts. It’s nice to know during this evil battle there are forums like this with people like you who can understand.