Chewy, chewy pineapple core


blech… nasty stuff. Anyone else doing (or tried) this?

Pineapple Core for Implantation

All I want to do is eat the meaty, yummy part


Don’t know if it was at all responsible or played any part in my getting preggo but I ate the heck out of this for the whole week following our IUI to the point that the last day I was gagging on them because I was so grossed out!
Good luck!!!


If it ends with a BFP I will be very very pleased :slight_smile:


The chemical in pineapple core that is supposedly helpful with implantation is “Bromelain”. It can have adverse affects when combined with other medications, and should not be used without first consulting your doctor.

Found on: Bromelain

“Pregnant women and people with bleeding disorders, high blood pressure, and liver or kidney disease should not take bromelain.”

I’m not trying to be a downer, but we shouldn’t rush to put things in to our bodies just because of rumors that they might help! There’s no proof that it helps, and might just as easily hinder. Please be careful.

Edit: In fact, the page you even linked above, at the bottom, says “[FONT=‘Century Gothic’][/FONT]Pregnant women should not use the juice of the fruit or leaves, as it stimulates the uterus and may cause miscarriage.


I actually did the pineapple and core for the 5 days after IUI. You are right that eating the core DURING pregnancy can cause the uterus to contract, that is why toward the end of pregnancy a lot of pregnant women will eat it to help stimulate contractions, but with a women who in not yet pregnant and is trying to help with implantation it is good. I did get pregnant, however I did lose the baby, but it had nothing to do with the pineapple as it had been 4 weeks since I had eaten it. Slyfoxy actualy did it too and she is pregnant as well and halfway through her pregnancy and she and the baby are very healthy. She lives by it and will tell everyone to try it. I am actually glad I did do it. I would try it again for sure.


RE said it wouldn’t hurt, but he couldn’t (wouldn’t?) commit to it working. I figure why not… my hubby loves pineapple so he is eating the fleshy part and I am just sticking to the core.