Chicago area IVF suggestions?


So, I have lost confidence in my current clinic. Next closest area is Chicago. Anyone have great experiences in a location in the Chicago area and want to share? Preferably to the west of Chicago near 80 or 88.


Chicago IVF. i’m not only saying that because i have my very first BFP cycle with them. but a couple years ago when we were switching REs we had a consult with Dr Brasch and we were so comfy with his demeanor and loved everything about the clinic except for the price. we were also OOP at the time and just still getting over a cancelled IVF ET, and 2 failed FETs (@ RMI - Reproductive medicine institute) so we were financially drained and a cycle at cIVF would run u around 12-15k without meds i think. DH and couldnt afford it at the time and we ended up choosing MFC (midwest fertility center) …had another failed IVF there. …i never want to have regrets and say if only we had gone there from the beginning because i believe that we needed to go on this path to be able to handle this IF journey. i love all 3 REs at cIVF, they work together and never leave u feeling like youre in the dark. and also something i wish i had known a couple years ago is that from our recent consult this year, dr brasch told us that their clinic will price match any OOP IVF price of any other clinic in the state. Good Luck!


I used Fertility Centers of Illinois and saw Dr. Feinberg. She was wonderful and I did get pregnant 3 times (one being a miscarriage). She was always open to trying anything new and always listened and answered my questions.


University of Illinois Center for Women’s Health. We used Dr. Humberto Scoccia. He was fabulous. The staff is friendly and the nurses Amy, Debbie, Heidi and Rosa were very supportive and reassuring. This was our first attempt in July and I am now 26 weeks with fraternal twins. He is very personable and took the time to answer all of my questions. My OB highly recommended him and I trusted and valued his opinion. It’s a small clinic and does not have the patient influx of the larger ones, but I feel that they truly gave the best care and devoted a lot of time to each case individually. Plus I have POF and they did not give up on me even when I had only 5 measurable follicles. At retrieval I had 7 all mature. They know what they are doing. Good luck and I hope you find the right doctor. It was a long drive for me from the south side, but well worth it.


Thank you all for your replies! LSN8308, we were able to have a phone consult with Dr. Rodgers from CHicago IVF. She gave me a lot of hope for the future. Now I need to figure out next steps and if I am willing to go thru the crazy hormones (and the evil needles) for another cycle.