Chicken pox shot b4 IVF


Has anyone had low immunity abs needed to have a chicken pox booster? I never had pox as a child but had the vaccine.

Anyways has anyone done IVF right after and how we’re the results.

I was told booster shot then I need to rest 30 days later and if my test is fine I can start IVF but if not I have to wait a year.


I have to have that done. One initial shot then 30 days later, a booster shot and i was immune to it after the second shot. But not wait a year, if you still show youre not immune to it, just take another booster shot. I think i had to wait 30 days to retest, not a year.


I took it for should wIt only a month to recheck.


IDK she said I only need 1 shot not to. Get the shot, test 30 days, and if you are good you can start IVF and if not you will need to wait a year. She never said anything about a 2nd shot. After the shot was your IVF successful?

Did you have pox as a child and still needed the shot or you escaped having it as I did ?


I dont think having or not having chicken pox vaccine reduce your chances in IVF in anyway. They want you to be immune to it in the event you get pregnant, you will not get a fever and cause danger to your fetus.

When you get the vaccine, you are going to get it from a primary care physician, you can ask them how many you need. Usually just two shots. When i ask my PCP i need to get another shot (at the time i had already had two, one from a few years back that i forgot i got and one 30 days before), my PCP would not give it to me. In my state the state keeps a database of what kind of vaccines its residents got, so it is easier for doctors to check. At the same time my IVF nurse insisted that I get it. So i told my IVF nurse that my PCP only do two booster shots, she ordered a blood test to see I was immune and I was. Dont worry you should be immune after two shots. I never had chicken pox ever in my life. Lucky I guess.


See and everything I read said 2 shots and she no just one shot and test in 30 days, I am so confused.


Being immune to chicken pox does not effect ivf success, the reason for wanting immunity prior to ivf is so that if you become pregnant you wont have to worry about getting chicken pox during the pregnancy which could cause birth defects in the developing fetus.

The CDC currently recommends 2 doses for adults that do not have immunity. With that being said about 78% of people will get immunity from a single dose (adding the second dose brings the number to 99%). It looks like your clinic is trying to avoid giving you a second dose by seeing if you fall into the 78%. If you are immune after a single dose then great, no need for a second dose. If you aren’t immune then you can get the booster.

I’m currently dealing with this. I never had chicken pox as a kid. I found out during my first pregnancy that I was not immune so I received the vaccine after giving birth. I was not aware of the recommendations to get 2 doses (and somehow I guess my doctor wasn’t either) so I never got the second dose. During my second pregnancy they again tested me for immunity and I found out that I still wasn’t immune so again I got the vaccine after delivery. This time I’m making sure to follow up and I go in today for my blood test to find out if I’m finally immune. If I’m not immune then I’ll get another booster and check again.

The chicken pox vaccine is a live virus and that is why you need to wait 30 days before getting pregnant or doing ivf. There is absolutely no reason to have to wait 1 year, I would challenge them on that if that is indeed what they want you to do.

Best of luck to you!