Choosing a clinic



I just finished going to Shady Grove in the DC area and they were not able to help me. I failed IVF 2 times and they feel there is nothing else they can do for me because of my medical history. My husband and I want to get another opinon, but I’m having a hard time figuring out who I should go to. I’m afraid they are all going to say the same ****thing. I scheduled an appointment with GW and GIVF, but I was thinking about talking to a clinic outside of the DC area since my situation is tricky. Any advice on how to choose a clinic or a legit website that list ratings for clinics?



Google SART. You can get data for IVF success rates from their site. Also, you didn’t give any background as to why your situation is tricky. Is it an FSH issue, sperm count, etc? You can use SART to help you find which clinic has the best success rates for your diagnosis. Good luck! I’m so sorry you are going through this but keep the hope. It will work out! :grouphug: