Cinnamon for IR...


ok girls, as a clinical nurse specialist, i don’t typically advocate herbs, unregulated supplements, etc. but there is one that I use myself that is incredible…Cinnamon!

i first heard about the positive effects of cinnamon at a cardiac conference i was at several years ago. around the same time, there was a lot of literature about it being published in nutritional journals.

i began taking Cinnamon capsules twice daily (500mg each) and now I take them 3 times daily. it has been proven to aid in sugar metabolism, so it’s like a boost to my met.

they have some toxicity associated with pregnancy, so during 2WW i’m not taking it. but… my serum blood level of insulin (NOT blood sugar) was 75 when I started (normal is <22) and after 6 months taking it, with no other big changes to my lifestyle, my fasting insulin was 24. so big difference for me.

i’m not advocating taking it without seeking medical advice, but i know that this is a little-known piece of info that may help some of you. of course ask your doc or RE first…

wondering if there’s anybody else with good results from using cinnamon? -a-