Clearblue OPK--4 days flashing smiley; CD 21? what is going on?


So I should start by saying I had a chemical in June after IVF. But, this month, I wanted to get going and try again naturally. So I picked up the clearblue OPK and I am on my 4th day of flashing smileys meaning “high fertility”. This is CD 21. Is it possible for me to still ovulate? Are things just weird because I had the chemical in June? Does late ovulation mean a bad egg? So confused!
Any advice would be appreciated!


Have your cycles always been the same length? It’s definitely possible for you to be ovulating day 21 if you have a long cycle or due to the chemical. Was this your first cycle after the chemical?


I don’t know how long my cycles are because I was on the pill for endo suppressing my period for the last year before starting IVF. It is now CD 22 and I still got a flashing smiley…is it possible I could still ovulate just very late this cycle?


Oh and JediBonas, is “CNY” the abbreviation for the Cornell Infertility Clinic? My RE in Chicago has mentioned Cornell as a top fertility clinic that I may want to look into in the future…


Yes! My cycles range from 25-38 days. It is the length of your luteal phase (the second part of your cycle) that stays the same but the first part of your cycle can vary due to meds, stress, lifestyle changes, excessive workout, etc. My luteal phase is about 14 days, so the first part of my cycle (the time it takes for me to ovulate) range from 11 days to 24 days. So dont worry and get busy!


Hello everyone,

I thought is was the day you first saw the smile that was the most important. I think you can still get the smile for a few days after you ovulate but that 1st smile day is they day you really need to get busy.

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The smiley just show your LH (luteneizing hormone) is surging. I think from my experience of my own cycles, the smiley stays for 1.5 days I think… The LH surge just signals your body to release eggs. I think it is 36 hours after you get the smiley to ovulate. If I remember correctly, when I did IUIs I was told to come to the doctor’s office 36 - 48 hours after i got the first smiley for IUI. Some people do back to back IUI, two days in a row. So you can get busy every day or every other day if your DH have some count issues, from the point you get the smiley until the next several days (maybe 1 week) just to be safe.


I just got my non-flashing smiley today! Yay! It’s CD24 which seems late but we are going to BD anyway!:cross:


No, CNY is Central NY Fertility. I love them but no where near the top like Cornell.


I think you should discuss these things with your doctor because most of the people are do not know the actual application about this sensible issues.