Clinic has a Cut off Day...Today:(


I should have started my period by today and haven’t. My clinics cut off day is today. I am soooooo bummed. I know I will probably start like…tomorrow:grr: . We were hoping that we would have the baby, if I got pregnant, before he leaves for a year…Now IF we do it in January, he will be training at Fort Bliss in Texas. I had to scramble to come up with the deposit on time and everything. Anyone else’s clinic this strict about the holidays?


Yep! They have to have cutoff days- infact my clinic closes or has greatly reduced services during the ASRM conference that is this week as well- so I had to get my period by a certain date to be able to cycle this month- I made it by the skin of my teeth! (got AF on the very last day I could start and still proceed!) Clinic cutoff days will vary depending on the amount of staff they have and whether they shut down completely or just offer limited services during the holidays. I know it’s frustrating though!


Yes, I have had clinics be this strict. But, given your sitauation with your husband, it’s a shame they couldn’t bend the rules a little bit.


My doctor’s office in Tampa is winding down also. They told me that they have to shut down the embryology lab twice a year for recalibration of the equipment and inspection in order to keep their certifications. Perhaps yours is so strict for the same reason?


When I went in for my sounding I mentioned something about it to my doctor and he kinda of off handedly said maybe we can engineer it. Well last time I talked to my nurse she stressed again that the cutoff day was the 26th. I have a call into her right now just to double check. I have my scripts for vibramyacin and orto-novum.:cross: :cross:


Spoke with my nurse and Thank Goodness I am a ‘glass half-full’ kinda girl. Because she said absolutely no starting this cycle, but I thought I would have to wait until late January to start. I can start next month as long as I start on or after the 29th. That is almost a given according to my cycles!!! I guess it is not that bad:clap: . Thanks all for your replies.


I am soo very lucky. After reading everyone’s comments about closing for the holidays I was super nervous about my clinic. I just confirmed that they are open EVERY day of the year, even holidays!!! AWESOME for me, but crappy for the staff. :cheer: