Clinic out of service


Hi, we signed up with BioTexCom just around a week ago. Everything seemed to be fine: very quick appointment for the first visit, our surrogacy contact with guarantees for success and also me approved for eggs stimulation, but… now we found out that the clinic will be out of service in August. They say for two weeks, but who knows? Maybe more? I saw a lot of intended couples there, so multiplied with a few weeks out of service – it may makes us wait for much more. It makes me a little bit confused. Have anyone faced smth similar with your provider? Why do they do this for? Vocation or what? Why the whole clinic is out of service? I can’t figure it out.


Well o_O
I know that sometimes they have these sanitary procedures when all equipment, walls, floor, furniture, etc is disinfected with special substances I don’t know the details, though. It’s ok they won’t let anyone in at this time in. This delay may influence ur wait time, though. So you’ll just have to wait. What can u do? I don’t think that these two weeks could do any major changes to ur schedule.

PS I hope u’ll be matched with ur surro asap xxx;)


I am sorry. I can’t help much with personal experiences, check out fertilityfriends forum. A close friend of mine visited In**cta Gdansk to undergo ivf and if a patient needs a doc even works on Sunday. All the best and stay positive


hi friends
thank you very much for support and cheering up
I know that I just have to control my emotions. I have to learn to do this. it’s no easy, though. I know the process is lengthy, it’s all about waiting.
xeniamo, we’ve already signed up with biotex and made the first payment, so we’ll have to stay with them. we cant do anything to quick the process.
waiting and hoping


Hi, Agnete! Hope you’re well. What’s the continuation??
We went with Biotexcom in March (10th - 1st app). Luckily we didn’t have troubles like that, so that our program went fast and smoothly. We used donor eggs with ivf there, 2 shots. After it conceived successfully and accomplished the process in 12 weeks.
Any news by now?? Hugs :slight_smile:


yes, yes, we have the news! we’ve been matched with surrogate mother! and even though i know absolutely nothing of who she is, i hope she is absolutely healthy to bear our pregnancy and that we’ll be lucky with her. they will synchronize our periods and I’m starting my hormonal stimulation for eggs just this month (if everything’s ok). i’m extremely overwhelmed. i still keep posting in my surrogacy journey blog
in my last posting, i got it in more details on how we signed up contracts, all price details, conditions and so on. they have three and it’s no easy to digest all those peculiarities and provisions, really. It took us time. i tried to explain mine and my dh’s point of view as to this. i hope this info might be helpful to any of you, ladies
And sure – keep your fingers crossed for me. I have feelings of a child who goes to school for the first time.