Clinics in D.C./VA/Maryland area


Hi All-

Looking for recommendation for RE in D.C. area - Virginia/Maryland within D.C. metro area.

Please let me know if you have recommendations or ones to avoid. What treatments did you receive? Did they work?

Thanks! (P.S. - This is for a good friend) I just had a baby a month ago but live in NY.



I go to Shady Grove. They’ve gotten me pregnant twice, so I think they’re pretty terrific!


Thanks for the reply EssemKay! And congrats on the 2nd pregnancy…very exciting!


Shady Grove for me too! six and a half months pregnant!!


I got pregnant with my son through Shady Grove. I’ve since returned to have my #2. I love Dr. Levens in the Annandale office. I originally started with Dr. Brown in the Fair Oaks office, but she’s not a great listener and we didn’t seem to work well together. In Maryland, my friend used Dr. McKeeby and swears by him. Hope this helps.


I am at Columbia fertility in DC with Dr. Butler. I got pregnant once working on number 2 now.


[FONT=“Arial Narrow”]…chiming in with my recommendation for Shady Grove too! We have 3 healthy and happy children after looking at slim odds of conceiving. One can feel like part of the “cattle call” there, but at the end of the day, it’s all worth it![/FONT]


Shady Grove in Baltimore

I went to Shady Grove in Towson, formerly at GBMC. I have a beautiful 16 month and have an appointment tomorrow to begin the process of trying for number 2. I had a great experience there and we were successful with the second IUI.

Good luck!


Thank you SOOOOO much for the responses! Interesting how many of you have had success at Shady Grove!