Clinics IVF Success Rate and SART


I’m trying to prepare and read up on IVF as much a possible before starting the process. I found my RE clinic (and others in our area) and looked up their IVF success rate on SART. According to them my RE’s office has a 54% success rate after one IVF (for women my age). However, when I talk to my RE’s office they say their success rate is 70% for women my age. I’m really confused by the difference. When I ask them about it they that SART classifies things differently. Their 70% comes from actually being pregnant (don’t know if its a positve HPT, a viable heartbeat or what). They do not account for MC’s or anything else. What do you think about this? Like I said I’m really confused because they have the highest % rate out of all the clinics in my area (the 70%) but I don’t know if I should believe it.


I would base your decision on the Live Birth rate given on the SART. That is the outcome you are looking for, not a positive pregnancy test as those are fairly common with IVF and DON’T result in a baby. Based on each persons diagnosis the numbers can increase or decrease but in general I feel 50% is pretty normal. You can also search based on Diagnosis which will change the success rate.

Do you know anyone who has gone there? That is helpful also. I would also meet with the Dr.'s. I went to a place that had a lower number first as I liked the doctor but changed when I started IVF as I needed financing and went to two different places with the same success rate and chose the one with the nicer doctor.

Good luck.


I’m a little confused as to why they would tell you that? If you look at the success rates that are reported the table reports both the Percentage of cycles resulting in pregnancies and the Percentage of cycles resulting in live births. At my clinic the 2009 results were 51.9 and 43.7 for my age rage, which is were you see MC etc taken into account, so there is a small difference between the 2 percentages but they are both reported and generally there shouldn’t be as much of a difference as 16 percent. I would look again at SART table and see if both numbers are there and if they are really different than what the clinic is telling you I would wonder why because everything they do in ART has to be reported and accounted for and made available to the public.


Thanks for your reply. I have looked at SART multiple times trying to make sense of how my RE has different %s than what they claim. There is NO way to get SARTS numbers to equal my RE’s 70%. I am very skeptical of what my RE is saying. When I ask them about it they say they are working to figure out SART’s numbers verus theirs but that initially started 2 weeks ago and they haven’t responded back. So would you not trust the RE at all?


A “pregnancy” in SART is a fetal heartbeat.

A clinic talking about their “pregnancy rates” might use a positive pregnancy test (“beta” hCG in blood or urine).

The difference between the two is the biochemical pregnancies, ectopic pregnancies, and any intrauterine pregnancies (sacs) that never developed a heartbeat.