Clomid 100mg, Ovidrel Shot. 15 DPO...Period Late?


Hi! I am on my second IUI cycle and here are the details:

Clomid 100mg: Days 4-8
Ovidrel: Day 11 @ 9pm
IUI: Day 13 at 10am

Today is 15 dpi/iui and I have no period or symptoms. I took at HPT yesterday which was negative. I am going tomorrow for bloodwork (if AF does not show), but I am curious…

Is it possible to have a late period on Ovidrel? Last month I got it exactly 14 dpi/iui. So confused! Excited but don’t want to get my hopes up. Help!!


I think Clomid extends your cycle, not the Ovidrel.


Well AF came 2 days “late”. It ended up that I ovulated early this month. Back on Clomid today CD4. Thanks for your support.