Clomid 1st Cycle support



I am new to this site. I am on clomid 50mg. This is my first time. I have been ttc for 18 months. I am 26 and have pcos. I took metaformin for 5 months before clomid. My ovaries were measuring at 13 when diagnosed now they are at 8. I have had two ultrasounds and have two follicles measuring 15. I am supposed to take the trigger shot on Tuesday may 28th. I am hoping I get lucky and it works on the first time. I am hoping for other people to talk to just for support. Hope to hear from you soon!!!



I am also on my first round of Clomid. I was on Clomid in the past to conceive our daughter. We are trying for one more. I am on Clomid 100mg and I am 7 days past ovulation today. Hoping for a BFP soon.


:welcome: I hope you find this site as helpful and supportive that I have.




Just picked up my first clomid prescription, waiting for my blood work to see if I should start taking it.

DH’s counts were low and he is getting a second test done. RE recommended IVF if that’s the case.

Hoping we don’t have to go that route.



I hope you all get you :bfp:

I am taking the trigger shot today. I am super nervous. Not looking forward to waiting. If y’all took the trigger shot, did it make you sick? Also great to hear it worked for you already once!

Good luck on your first round!! Lets hope it works the first time for both of us!!! :bsv:


^ i didn’t have any reaction to the trigger. some people feel pain and bloating in response to ovulation, but it’s usually not too bad. best wishes!


Thank you!


I have taken the trigger shot x 3. The 1st month I got pretty severe abdominal pains/cramping but not with the other 2. I due get VERY hungry (? whether trigger or later response to clomid) and typically quite a bit of bloating. I have to wear looser fitting clothing during the 2WW so people don’t ask if I am :preg: ! HA!

Good luck.


Aruthie - the trigger shot never made me sick - just kind of bloated feeling sometimes.

I hope this cycle works for you!

If it doesn’t, and you’re not already, if you do another Clomid cycle I would recommend PreSeed, RRL Tea, maybe brazil nuts, and, if you want, instead cups for putting in after DTD!



Clomid is a miracle pill. My husband and I have been struggling to conceive for 3 years I tried tracking ovulation, measuring temps, and almost everything you can think of I went the my gyno and was diagnosed with PCOS I was out on metformin with no success. I did a lot of research and found a good website to order from and I ordered Clomid. I was a little hesitant about it actually working since I have had so many let downs over the years. I took Clomid 50mg on days 3-7 and got pregnant on my first cycle. I’m now 14weeks:preg: . So I say never give up hope cause once you do your dreams won’t come true. I still havnt fully accepted that my dream of being a mom has finally come true.I don’t think it will hit me til my belly is too big to see my own toes lol but I just wanted to say good luck and baby dust to all you ladies hoping for a Clomid success story. :bsv: :cross: :bsv:


Thank you for all the replies!! I felt horrible for about 4 days after the trigger shot. I felt sick all the time and had no appetite! Thankfully it went away yesterday!!! Now I’m just waiting too see if it worked! Thanks for the advice! I’ll definitely try that!!!