Clomid 50 mg First Round!


Hello! I am new to a forum and it would be nice to hear about others going through my same experience. I am on Day 3 of my first round of 50mg Clomid. Just last night had some uncomfortable abdominal pains but took Advil (not sure if that was the right thing to do but it’s all I had!) Felt much better. Getting nervous about success rates and miscarriage rates. I know I should focus on only the positive. I guess my biggest fear is it not working and then I have to start all over with Provera and a higher round of Clomid; basically starting all over with no guarantee, but when is there ever? Anyone else going through the same thing?


I’m past the “only Clomid” stage, moved onto the IUI stage with Clomid but I’m sure you won’t have to go that far!! Good luck!!!


Thanks, you too! How many rounds did you have to do? Did you know you weren’t ovulating in advance of taking Clomid? I know that at one point a few months ago I did ovulate, even though I didn’t use an OPK at the time, and then my cycles got longer and longer and all the OPKs I’ve taken since were always neg, so I decided to demand Provera and Clomid. I’m hoping it’s just resetting me and not any greater fertility issue…


Good luck! I just finished my first round of 50 mg. I would stay away from Ibuprofen products such as Advil as it can delay ovulation. Probably won’t be too big of a deal this early on in the cycle, but I’ve discontinued using it all together. They recommend Tylenol (which I refuse to use, so I just deal with whatever pain I’m having!)

I ovulated on my own already with shorter cycles around 24-32 days. My doctor gave this to me to ramp up my cycle. First cycle didn’t change much for me. Still ovulated at CD 17ish and still spotted at CD 22ish. My dose will not be increased as I’m doing this with my OB/GYN with no monitoring… going to the RE in December.

Good luck! I hope that Clomid does the trick for you!! I’ve heard first cycles are supposed to be the best!