Clomid after Injectibles


I have a question. We are on limited funds since insurance doesn’t cover our treatments.

We’re starting injectibles this month and will only be able to do one round.

Can we go back to clomid if this round doesn’t work and try at home? I ovulated on 150mg clomid and had a chemical pregnancy on it. I just wasn’t sure if you can go back to clomid after injectibles.

I plan to call doc tomorrow to see what they say…but wanted to see if you guys know.

I’m supposed to start injectibles on Sunday.



I would say you can, if only you didn’t have lining issues while on clomid. After many cycles your lining can be effected and cause chemical pregnancies. That is why they say only 6 cycles of clomid then move on to something else. Maybe look into femara.