Clomid and breastfeeding


My second son took a year to concieve. He ended up being a IUI baby with clomid and ovidrel. I am still breastfeeding but we would like to try again soon. I am making an appointment with the infertility specialist to discuss it soon, however I am wondering how would I know when to start clomid? As I said I am breastfeeding and do not get a regular period. I did have two cycles since my second son was born. And if it is at all possible can you takeclomid while breasfeeding or would I have to stop brebastfeeding first?

Thank you! =)


You could always try forums. Those ladies are well versed in drugs with breastfeeding. Sorry I couldn’t help you directly.
Good Luck!


I am breastfeeding while taking Clomid, my Dr. knows this and said it was fine. I have researched this subject over and over and it seems safe - well as safe as any meds while breastfeeding. The problem is few studies are done bc it is unethical to do studies re: meds and pregannt women so there is not a ton of reliable information. However I trust my RE and have asked him repeatedly about this and other meds I am on. I only nurse about 2-3 times a day and usually less then 5 min. each time. My daughter is older and it is just a comfort thing for her. I will say that they say breastfeeding can effect your ability to get pregannt though, a little anyway. Also many people will freak if you tell them - which makes it even more stressful. For me it is hard because I love my daughter and dont want to deprive her for a child that may never come, but my body is running out of time so I feel like I cant wait for her to quit either. Also I have always been very careful as to anything I injest, I never even take cold medicine so it goes against my natural inclination to take it but like I said I rarely nurse so I really think it is okay. I have heard moms of 3 and 6 month olds eevn doing it, so who knows. Good luck in your your decision.