Clomid and femara combined


Hello! I’m new to this site and I have looked everywhere and haven’t found much information on taking clomid and femara together. This is my second month on them conbined of clomid 50mg cd3-7 and femara 7.5mg all on day 3. Last month I had to mature follicles (21mm and 24mm) and received the trigger with no luck. This month I only produced one mature follicle that took long to mature, growing only 1mm a day. I decided against the trigger (benefits dont cover fertility) and low and behold I ovulated on my own on Cd18 (confirmed through blood work). Is there any chance for me with only one mature follicle? on Cd16 it was at 23mm yet I didnt ovulate until cd18. has anyone been on these combined medications? what was your results?
Thanks in advance


Hello! Well, I’m sorry I can’t really help much here, I’ve only done them separately, this month being my first cycle on Femara and I’ve yet to begin maturing any follicles… and I’ve never ovulated at all… so I don’t have answers, but good luck! Hopefully someone else will chim in and answer your question :slight_smile: