Clomid and FertilAid? Does it mix or not?


I was wondering is it true that fertilieaid when taken with Clomid decreases the effect of Clomid? My dr stated that it doesn’t hurt to take a multivitamin which I consider it.


it has no effect, two different pills that act on different parts of your body so taking them together is beneficial.


Someone posted somewhere here that Clomid doesn’t mix well with some supplements. Just research a bit. Better to be safe than sorry.


I tried to research and don’t see it causing harm with Clomid not sure where the member saw it.


Do no take fertilaid and clomid together. The herbs in fertilaid reacts negatively with the clomid and causes your sperm count to get much lower.
It happened to me so be warned.


I though Fertilaid is just a bunch of vitamins and minerals, I don’t see how that would have any effect on Clomid or viceversa. My husband is taking HCG and Fertilaid. Our doctor even recommends supplements with HCG


I don’t know about HCG and fertilaid but from my experience with clomid and fertilaid it had a serious effect on my sperm count. I added fertilaid, motility boost and count boost so I am not 100% certain which caused the negative effect. Prior to using these 3 products with clomid my sperm count was improving.

Let me know how his counts are with HCG and fertilaid.


Well … I don’t think his count is gonna go up since he has azoospermia, but if anyone has bad experience with HCG and Fertilaid please let me know.