clomid and TTC #2


hello all,

i am new to this forum and would just like to give a little information about myself. I am 23 years old and i have a wonderfully amazing son named Ben who is 14 months. I have been married for 4 years and it took us over 2 years to get pregnant for him. I was on clomid for over a year when i finally concieved. with irregular cycles it was quite a difficult couple years with the disappointments, anticipations and many many tears. needless to say we were over joyed when i discovered i was pregnant. i did end up getting pregnant finally after yet another round of 100 mg of clomid. we are now hoping to expand our family but unfortunately i still have irregular cycles…

so i guess what my question is this: how long did it take those of you who have been on clomid for your first, second, third, etc. pregnancies, to get pregnant? have you had any m/c? twins? triplets? any problems with pre-eclampsia or hypertension? any other issues?

i developed hypertension in my seventh month and it escaladed to pre-eclampsia. i ended up being admitted into the hospital at 34 weeks and in week 36 my symptoms worsened and i ended having a c-section after a failed attempt to enduse.

i am seeing my doctor next week and he will be putting me back on clomid, this is what he told me last time i saw him.

any and all information and advice is greatly appreciated.

thanks everyone :slight_smile: