Clomid and Two Corpus Luteum Cyst Ruptures


Hello everyone!

I am new here and just started my first cycle of Clomid this month.

I am pretty certain I will never, ever do it again, despite my strong desire to become pregnant.

I was started on 100 mg x 5 days. I have had all the fertility tests other than laparoscopy for endometriosis - which I have no symptoms of having.

One “off” thing about me is that I have rheumatoid arthritis.

During the time I was taking the medication earlier this month, I felt totally nuts. But I can put up with that.

What has really set me off is that I have developed two corpus luteum cysts - one on each ovary - which was good because I knew I ovulated twice.

What is bad is that both have ruptured and I’ve been in really bad pain for about a week. This was confirmed via pelvic ultrasound.

Have any of you ever had one of these types of cysts?

How long did it take to resolve?

Do you think it was inappropriate for my obgyn to prescribe twice the usual starting dose for someone who does not have PCOS?

I’m extra mad because I am going on vacation and my first day there is what would have been the end of my cycle - which I understand may now be hormonally extended because of the cysts, even if I am not pregnant.

I want to have cocktails if I’m not pregnant :slight_smile:

Thanks for the support and responses.

J xxx


Oh man sorry to hear about the cysts… My obgyn started me on 25mg of clomid a few years ago but I quit treatment due to relationship issues. He started me on 50mg this time. 100mg is unusual but not unheard of. Were you monitored mid-cycle?

You may want to push to get referred to an RE if you’re not comfortable with your ob’s protocol…


Actually, I thought it was pretty odd that we didn’t do an US just prior to starting the med.

The first one was about 6 months ago.

He said I would have to have an US at some point, but did not make me schedule anything.

The only reason I went in was because of the horrible pain.

We aren’t a good fit anyway, so I will look for an RE.
He was the OBGYN for many of my non fertility challenged friends, and advertises himself as a fertility expert. But ???

Thanks for your response.


I actually take 200mg of Clomid x days and I have even heard of women who do 200mg twice a day for 5 days. I think it has to do with 1. weight 2. issues you are facing and 3. doctor’s preference or what they have had luck with in the past. I dont think the dose was unusual but the outcome definitely was.


I guessed it was unusual because I ovulate on my own and have a ‘normal’ BMI. If I had known beforehand, I would have asked for gradual dosing and closer monitoring.