Clomid and vitamins


My husband is on clomid and I know some vitamins interfere with clomid…we was told to get fertilaid by RE but I do remember hearing that some vitamins etc. can counteract clomid (which we don’t want). I just wanted to check and see if anyone had heard of clomid and fertilaid having problems. He is also on a vitamin E regimen and COQ10:flower:


Hey, my Dh is on a TON of vitamins. he took chlomid for 2 months, but stopped. I honestly don’t know if there are interferences :frowning: wish I could help!


YES! We have been told that fertilaid is NOT good to take with Clomid. (We were combining them before we knew) DH stopped right away and now DH is taking Conception XR. It has no herbs. Hope that helps! I ordered it online.


Just wanted to 2nd bfu1873-- anything that has herbs in it can interfere with Clomid!! No one told my DH that and on our 2nd IVF, when he was taking a fertility blend supplement and Clomid, our fertilization rate plummeted. I wish it was printed somewhere on the Clomid label but it isn’t. I did lots of research after our 2nd IVF and found out this information the hard way. Best of luck!!