Clomid cat is out of the bag


So I’ll start with my story, so the rest will make a little more sense. I’m 30, and have been married to my amazing DH for 2 1/2 years. We went on our honeymoon in Europe about 9 months after our wedding, so we tried to avoid for the first 6 months. I talked him into TTC before our trip. We tried for a year and a half, and finally realized we needed some help.

I’m a nurse, and I work in OB. This has complicated my journey a little bit. I was nervous to admit I needed help, and it made it very difficult to deal with personal disappointments when I saw the miracle of life everyday at work. I finally got the courage to mention to my doctor (who is also a colleague and friend) that we we’d been TTCing for quite awhile. He started me on Clomid and has been amazingly informative and supportive.

This is my second medicated cycle, and I went in for a follicle scan on Thursday. It was fairly early (CD8), but he was checking on a cyst from last cycle and wanted to see it earlier in my cycle to make sure it was smaller than last cycle. Anyway, I had two follicles (yay!) and he wanted me to come back on Saturday for another scan. Since I work on the OB unit, and he had no other reason to open up his office and bring in a nurse, he said he’d just do the scan on the OB unit with one of my coworkers to assist him. He asked if it was okay with me, and I was fine with it. We went today and everybody was excited to find out that we’re TTCing, and treated me with such a caring attitude.

I’m certainly not keeping anything a secret, and I’m fine with coworkers knowing what we’re going through. However, as I think about it more and more, I’m just a little nervous about having the added pressure of people at work asking about how things are going. Hopefully, it will all be good news from here on, but realistically it could be a long journey. I know everybody is just excited for us and wants the best, but I’m worried it will wear on me if the process takes awhile. Does anybody else have a similar situation? How do you protect your emotions from all the questions and inquiries?


I’m actually a nurse too, except I work in an intensive care unit and know nothing of babies. I have found on my unit, where we are all very close (and sometimes know way too much about one another!) that people do ask just because they are concerned and worried. I don’t feel like it adds more pressure or anything, it’s almost like they feel my disappointment with me. What I have found is that through talking to people, at work and on these forums, that I get great advice and ideas from people that I had not thought of myself. Also hearing about struggles other people have gone through helps to know you aren’t alone. I am now doing acupuncture at the recommendation of one of my colleagues, and I love it and feel great. That is something I never would have thought of on my own to try. So open up and talk to people and you will be very surprised.


I know it must be hard with people knowing your business and knowing the lingo as well. But as said before I think you will like it after awhile. You will have people who can give you actual answers and help you cope since you guys know your stuff. Also I think they may be sensitive to your feelings since you all know each other.

I work from home and I have no one to share my feelings or concerns with. I miss that interaction with others. I have my husband but he is a physician (Psychiatrist) and he only talks in “medical” so its rough.

Keep an open mind, you co-workers might just be suprisingly helpful :slight_smile: