Clomid Challenge


Anyone have side effects several weeks after the clomid challenge? Any change in cycle (color/timing/length of cycle)? Any weight gain? How possible from the short period you take this drug? Help!


Clomid stays around in the body for a while, so it certainly can continue to impact things.

For example, for me, I assume that Clomid in my PREVIOUS cycle impacted my follicle development this cycle. Now, last cycle was short (19 days, believe it or not that is getting longer than the two before), so that may have helped, but I still had three follicles get to mature size this cycle without Clomid - and they did it FAST. Don’t know about last cycle - we didn’t monitor.

I didn’t notice any changes in color… and I won’t comment on length and timing, since my cycles have been way off since my surgery in October and part of why we tried Clomid was an assumption that I was having anovulatory cycles (14 days, 15 days… then 19 with Clomid, so it’s a change, but who knows if it’s Clomid related). The monitoring this cycle revealed that the short cycles are naturally short - I’m ovulating very early, but with mature follicles and good lining. Don’t know how that works with a 14 or 15 day cycle… but all signs point towards that 19 day cycle just being short and otherwise normal.

Meanwhile - sorry, I don’t know about the Clomid challenge specifically, since I haven’t done it, but yes, Clomid sticks around for a while and can impact what you’re experiencing.

Good luck!