Clomid days.... (2nd post but got no answers)


I started clomid about 4-5 months ago with no success…i was thought of having pcos because irregular periods…my blood work tests are saying my ovaries are working…i am taking 3 pills of clomid days 3-7 along with 1500 of metformin…i also am taking thyroid meds because i had an under active thyroid, which is now stable…My question is, what is the reasoning for different women having different days to take the clomid…should i switch because of the pcos to days 5 -9? i dont understand why everyone has different days.


The reason some girls take clomid CD3-7 is because their RE favors that day while some favor CD5-9. Heck some favor CD2-6. So the day you take clomid just all depends. Some say the earlier you take clomid the more follies you will end up having. But that is debatable.


Ask your doctor. I think when i used clomid, i also took it days 5-9. My opinion for taking it later is because it will delay ovulation and it did it for me and i know i read it happened to other women too. I have a short luteal phase. I know clomid helps to increase lining and hence later your progesterone level so maybe taking it later will help luteal phase by letting the lining grows longer, I dont know. Do you have problems with progesterone?


My RE just wants me to start somewhere in the CD3-5 range. He just says that CD2 is too early and CD6 is too late. It’s really just preference and what cycle days line up with the office being open (if CD3 is Saturday, you still have 'till Monday to start). If you want, you could ask about switching to a different set of days just to see if it makes a difference. Can’t hurt.


I actually asked my RE about this since I’d heard so many different things. I had heard that taking it earlier means more follicles, but lower quality. And that taking it earlier meant less follicles, but higher quality. My RE told me that there are no studies proving one way or another that the days make a difference and that as long as you take it between days 3 and 5, you’re good to go.

When I took Clomid, my first 2 cycles I started day 5 and had 2 to 3 mature follicles with at least 2 of them being over 18mm. On my 3rd and 4th cycles, I started day 3 and had 4 to 5 follicles, but only 1 was over 18mm each time. That’s just me though!


When I was on clomid I did 5-9 and got my dd’s. This time around i did 5-9 and u/s showed it was not working so he bumped me to 3-7. He said it gives them a quicker boost and can give them more time to grow. I got bigger follies on 3-7 but still not even close to ready. So now i’m on femera and had great results. Good luck