Clomid didnt help


I had a missed miscarriage in my 11th week in feb had a medical abortion then a d&c to remove all the leftover tissue. In july went through another surgery as i didn’t get my periods because my cervix was closed so the doc dilated it. In Sep doc put me on Progesterone 200mg twice a day from the 16th day of my periods for 10 days. Oct put me on clomid 50mg from day 2 to 5 n again progesterone, Nov 100mg clomid and had to go for ultrasound from 10th day to 16th day but saldy there were no eggs formed. Now next month doc is putting me on metmorfin, Sooooooo frustrated just cant saty positive anymore.


:grouphug: Im sorry


Hopefully, the metformin will do the trick! I did not have any success with clomid; however, I doubt we have the same thing wrong. Clomid works for many people! Good luck!!