Clomid Discouragement :(


Hello everyone. I just wanted to write a little note…I have been ttc for several years now and the past few months I have tried clomid. I am on round 3 and so far no luck.

I am very sad and discouraged! I want to know that there is hope. And so far not much of a rise in progesterone. So Im not ovulating…do you guys think I can with higher levels?

I want to be pregnant so bad its not even funny!


[B]don’t lose hope ladies! Be optimistic!

[I]clomid[/I][/B][B] really works!

I got pregnant after the 3rd month ; and I am 37 weeks tomorrow! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

baby dust to you !


Are you doing the Ovidrel trigger shot? It is supposed to force ovulation when you have follicles at the right size


I am actually having the same issues. I will be on my third cycle of Clomid here in a few days. My old doctor used to test my progesterone level but my RE does not. I am guessing it is because the Ovidrel is forcing it rather than letting it happen naturally?

Stay positive, it is hard, but you cannot give up!


Don’t feel discouraged. It took me 6 rounds of Clomid to get my :bsv: . So there is a chance. And remember that if Clomid does not work for you you can always try other medications:). I know it is hard but your time is coming:).

God bless you;)!


My first 2 rounds of Clomid did nothing for me and I was very discouraged too! I did 50mg and 100mg with no trigger (I don’t know much about the trigger that ppl refer to). But then on my 3rd round of Clomid, 150mg, I ovulated for the first time! I’m not pregnant yet, but at least I know I can ovulate now :slight_smile: Keep positive!


I am in the same boat as you. I know exactly how you feel. I did three rounds of Clomid, 50, 100 and 150 mg with no ovulation. This was all with my OB. I am now going to see a RE. My first appt is in Thursday Dec 15th. I am excited to see what my next steps are since I didn’t ovulate at all on Clomid. At least this time I will have ultrasound monitoring this time!

I know it is hard to stay positive, but I do my best! Good luck!


Clomid worked for me on the second cycle, 50mg dose. We had been trying for a year and nine months. The side effects weren’t too bad. As others have said, hyperstimulation is an issue.