Clomid dose question


For my final Clomid cycle, my RE is lowering my dose to 50 mg, since my lining was on the thin side (5 mm first cycle and 7 mm 2nd cycle). (Apparently, I was supposed to go to 50 mg in my 2nd cycle, but that message never made it to me, so I did 100 mg like I had been doing). Anyway, I’m guessing they’re hoping this will help plump up my lining (by giving me less of the anti-estrogen property meds). But will I also have fewer follicles develop on the lower dose? Does anyone know? I had 3 on the first and then 4 on the second. Just wondering . . .


I dont know about the follicles, but was just wondering if you have thought about trying an injectible cycle before IVF, my doctor is starting me on injectibles and is skipping clomid altogether ( just waiting for this dang cyst to go away) I know the injectibles are expensive but less than IVF and it seems like a lot of ladies have success on them plus they dont thin out your lining
Hope everything works out this month and you get your BFP


My DH and I did consider injectables, but we decided instead to go for IVF. When you consider the cost of injectables over about 3 cycles (which is what our RE would have recommended had we chosen that route) it would be almost the cost of an IVF cycle for us. So the much lower success rate with injectables and IUI doesn’t seem worth the cost, especially if we’re going to have to do IVF anyway. And that’s the problem is that they don’t know why we can’t get pregnant. So, if after 3 medicated IUIs we still haven’t gotten pregnant, it seems that 3 more IUIs with more expensive injectables isn’t going to help. And, realistically, experts say that your chances of IUI success after 3-4 tries dramatically decreases. It’s a hard decision because there is that chance that we could have spent much less and been successful on injectables, but there’s no way for us to know. And, just based on results so far, my guess is we would end up spending a lot more by going through injectables (since we would probably then still have to move on to IVF). Thanks for the suggestion, though.


jp362 - I had the same issue on Clomid 100mg - I had 3-4 follicles, but my lining was only 5.2. My doc decreased my dosage to 50mg, but then I only produced one large follicle and the lining was still only 6.2. This past cycle I did Clomid 50mg, plus three days of Gonal-f 150mg. I also drank Red Raspberry Leaf Tea. My lining was 7.8 on my cd13 ultrasound, and my doc said it looked great. I had one large follicle (20+) this round, and three follicles that may or may not have turned into mature eggs by trigger time (size 16, 15, and 14).