Clomid & false positive OPK


I started my first round of 50mg clomid on 11-01-10 (3-7). My gyne told me to bd it on cd10-cd18. I’ve been testing everday to keep track just in case I don’t get preggo this cycle. I had a m/c sept 09. My cycle has been crazy since m/c. I’ve had pos opk everyday sincethe 5th. How will I know when I’m really ovulating? I also started breaking out on my face tonight. Anyone else have false pos. Opk?

Me-33 fine
dh-33 fine
ttc-1yr 2 mos.


I don’t know if you use the digital or manual OPK’s but with clomid I would recommend the digital. I was on clomid last month with my IUI (got pregnant but had d&c 2 days ago) anyway, I knew when I was ovulating because I felt the pain, I did brake out which I always do when ovulation occurs. I actually called my RE’s office and had them get me in 2 days early for a CD 10 u/s and I was for sure getting ready to ovulate. So if you don’t know the symptoms of ovulation for your body I would suggest the digital tests. Hope that helps. Good Luck and baby dust to you


I 2nd using the clear blue easy digi opks. While using clomid and doing opks to soon after your last clomid pill can give you false + opks. It has NEVER happend to me. I take clomid cd3-7 and will start taking opks on either cd7 or cd9. They say wait 2 days after your last clomid pill before starting to use opks. So you should be fine now to start taking opks.