Clomid/FSH/Ovidrel cycle?


I met with my re’s pa today to discuss our next option after three failed iui’s and once of them being a clomid cycle. My re wanted us to either go on to injections or ivf but his pa brought up another option. She said I could do clomid on cycle days 3-7 then come in for monitoring and do gonadotropin injections on cycle day 9 to try and trigger more follicles since I only produce one follicle on clomid. She said it would up our success chance but not give us the high risk of multiples that an all injection cycle would give. I’ve never heard of this cycle and was wondering if anyone on here has every heard or done it?

They even gave me free meds and needles so I didn’t have to scrap together the extra money for the injections :slight_smile: I’m hoping this will be the cycle that works for us since we are running out of money to continue this journey.