Clomid IUI vs FSH IUI


Okay, we’ve been examining the processes that are involved in the fertility process. Started with all the standard self monitored and timing stuff, because you have to take the first step on the journey. We are now at the IUI stage. Starting here as insurance in MD covers nothing if you don’t have a piece of paper claiming couplehood provided by the government, i.e. we’re not married. I cannot get anyone to tell me why the FSH IUI (minimal PCOS dosing) costs more than the Clomid IUI. Description and services are the same. I just get the more monitoring is involved statement. But I don’t see how that is true. Base monitoring, medication time, ovary monitoring until ready, trigger shot and then IUI. This is the process for both. Can someone explain where the cost difference is? Beyond medication which you self supply anyway. I just need some rational input.

Regan :grr:


i do believe it costs more because there probably is more monitoring since overstimulation is much more of an issue than it is with clomid. so more appts = more $$$.
and fsh is much,much more expensive than clomid.
call & ask your clinic and don’t hang up until u get an answer. or better yet, go there!
good luck.

eta: what is the cost difference between the two??