Clomid, lifestyle changes, and overall infertility concerns


Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share my story thus far. I’m 26 and my wife and I have been trying to get pregnant for near a year and a half.

I had my first sperm analysis at a fertility clinic in December of last year. The readings were low, with total count around 13 mil, motility forward progression at about 20-30%. A month or so later, I booked an appointment with a urologist (regrettably not one that seemed very well suited to deal with male infertility). They ran a few blood tests and a repeat semen analysis. The blood tests revealed I had a low FSH reading (follicle stimulating hormone). In addition, sperm count was still low at 16 mil. Strangely enough, motility was way down - at 5%. It should be noted that the testing was done AT HOME, vs. the previous test I took at the fertility clinic was on location. Motility was not reported to me at the time, so I had no idea it was that low until about 2 months later (must have been overlooked, thanks doc).

The urologist prescribed me Clomid, a fertility drug to raise my FSH levels, and in turn boost my fertility.
2 months later, I retook a sperm test. The sample was obtained at home and taken to the lab within 30-45 minutes.
Sperm count was up, big time at 60 mil. However, motility was still low, worse even at only 1%. The report claimed sperm were “wandering aimlessly”.
Also, to add to the frustration, the nurse that called me with the results presented it to me as great news! WOW, your sperm count is now 60 million! Great, or so I thought, until I asked for a copy of the results. I then learned myself about the 1% motility. Devastating news, especially when they never even told me that my initial test was only 5% motile.

Anyway, I ended up stopping the Clomid at around the 3 month mark. I did this because my primary doctor noticed that my blood pressure and weight were up.
I thought it may have been due to the Clomid. However, high blood pressure runs in my family, so it could just be genetic factors. Just FYI, I’m not overweight…6’1" 180 LBS.

For the past 1-1/2 months, I’ve been abstaining from alcohol. Prior to that, I was not an alcoholic, but admittedly I liked to get drunk time to time on the weekends mainly. I’ve also been running and taking several vitamins:

One-a-day multivitamin
Prostate Health Blend

What do you all think - do you see much hope in me being able to significantly raise my motility? If, when I retake the SA at the end of June, the count is low again, I will get back on the Clomid. I’m worrying myself silly just hoping these lifestyle changes will help. My wife has also been on an emotional rollercoaster, so any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

Any success stories or helpful tips out there?

Thanks all,