Clomid linked to yeast infections?


has anyone had any trouble with clomid causing yeast infections? Until I was pregnant with our first son I had never had one before and even still it only happened twice during my pregnancy. The three months I have been on clomid I get an external yeast infection around ovulation. Very frustrating and makes baby dancing unbearable! Ive tried coconut oil, monistat, yogurt, etc… My doctor called me in a cream to use if it happens again and diflucan but ive heard to not take that if youre trying to conceive. I feel like its causing us not to have a fair shot at this. someone please help.:grr: :grr:


[FONT=“Century Gothic”][COLOR=“Indigo”]I have not had that same trouble. Hopefully the meds the dr called in for you will help to stop that. Sorry for your :grr: and :pray: it gets better for you. [/FONT]



There is no link between the two