clomid or Pregnant


This will probably sound silly but I’m 4dpo and I have sore, itchy bbs and I almost threw up today. I had dry heaves nothing actually came up (tmi). The sore bbs comes and goes. My left bbs is always sore. I’ve also had some cramping and I’m pretty tired. This is my first month on clomid. Is this just a side effect of clomid or could I be pregnant? Please add your first dpo you felt symptoms and what the symptoms are also list if it was clomid or not.:bsv: :pray:


It is more than likely the clomid. Its WAYYYY to early for even the egg to have implanted in your uterus to produce the pregnancy hormone. So without that hormone you can’t be feeling pregnancy symptoms.

For me when i did my clomid IUI cycle i got a positive hpt test at 9dpIUI which is ovulation and i didn’t even get pregnancy symptoms until i was around 6 weeks ago.


I think it’s probably clomid because I have also had very sore and itchy nipples which I never get and also sharp cramping. These symptoms I have gotten only on my last two cycles with clomid. It really plays with your head because these things could totally be pregnancy symptoms. Ugh!


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