Clomid, Ovulation, and OPKs with PCOS


Hi Everyone!

I have a question about bloating and cramping after Clomid. I just finished my first cycle of Clomid (50mg from CD 5-9) and have been feeling some cramps and soreness around my lower back and lower abdomen (definitely my ovaries) since after CD 9. Since then my cramps got stronger and I had bloating and (sorry for tmi) feeling gassy around CD 16-18. It is now CD 19 and I do feel a lot better, though I still feel twinges of pain in my lower back. I called my doc yesterday to ask her about my symptoms and she had me come in this morning to make sure my ovaries weren’t hyperstimulated. Luckily I felt a lot better this morning and my doc gave me a quick quick check and said that she thinks I [I]might [/I]have ovulated and found no symptoms of hyperstimulation (YAY!). So we’re not sure whether I ovulated or not, but I have my CD27 appointment with her on December 9th…hopefully I’ll get some good news? What does everyone else think?

I’ve been testing myself with OPKs (the kind with the pink bands) since CD 12 and I have consistently gotten negative results (faint pink test line). However on CD 17 my test line was stronger than before, though it was still a bit lighter from the control line–so I guess it technically is considered to be a negative. But my cramps have been so strong, maybe I did ovulate, but the OPK just wasn’t picking up on it? So I’m confused on whether I did O or not…I sure hope I did!

What do you think? Has anyone else been having the same results?

I read somewhere that you can still have your LH surge and ovulate but it might not be detected on an OPK because the OPK tests LH levels based on a certain average, and that my own individual LH levels, whether I am surging or not, can be lower than the “average” that can be detected on OPKs. What are other people’s opinions?

Any similar stories, advice, or anything would be super appreciated!

Hugs and Babydust to you all! :grouphug:


Sounds like you did ovualte. Maybe the O pains were just a lot stronger with the Clomid and that is what you were feeling? I’ll be keeping my :cross: for you. Let us know what you find out when you go for your follow up apt! I am starting my first cycle on Clomid as well. Maybe this will be the month for the both of us!


Thanks sc!! I really hope I did ovulate! This journey is such an emotional rollercoaster!! How are you feeling?! Wouldn’t it be fabulous if we got our BFPs on our first cycles?! Make sure you have Freeze pops in the fridge! I had frequent hot flashes while on Clomid! Thanks for the support! I’ll definitely keep you updated! You do the same too! I’d love to know! fingers crossed


Clomid And ovulation

I have taking clomid cd2-6 started testing opk cd 9 have not gotten positive yet it is now cd12. It seemed cd 11 was darker but not as dark as test line. now on cd 12 it was lighter than yesterday. and cd 11 was very painful for me. Just wondering if I missed my surge. We are suppose to do IUI. How long after taking last Clomid pill are women suppose to ovulate?


Hi! I believe all women ovulate on different days, but typically between cd 9-cd19 on average? That’s just what I have seen other women posting around. I had my dark, but not as dark as the test line result on cd17, and it was definintely painful! My doc said she thinks I still ovulated on that day and now I’m on cd28 and feeling crampy…I think AF is on the way :frowning:

Let us know how you feel as the days go!!


I know this is a late response, but to anybody else who comes here wondering–OPKs tend to say, if you look through the little instructions closely enough, that they’re really quite inaccurate for women with PCOS. Part of this is a problem with false positives, but I can say that in my months of using OPKs, I never once got a positive. I got many, many days of oh-so-close-to-positive, but eventually I just gave up on the whole OPK thing. If you think the tests might be missing your ovulation day, I would talk to your doctor about getting blood tests and/or ultrasounds to confirm.