Clomid & PCOS


I’m new here! Just wondering if anyone has had success with provera and Clomid with PCOS.


Hi! Welcome to the crowd. People here are understanding and supportive. So this is the right place to be in.
I’m PCOS sufferer with blocked fallopian tubes. I’ve tried the meds at the beginning of the journey. Unfortunately it didn’t help due to low#poor morphology. Also my previous doc suspected me to be the carrier of Wilson disease - very rare treatable disorder. So after failed IVF cycles and a miscarriage a year ago we went in for plan B - egg donation.
I don’t mean to make you upset, just wanted to share my story briefly. I do believe your case is not so complicated as mine. Also my age playing on another side…
I think this all depends on how a nice expert your doc is. True specialists do create miracles!
Currently we’re passing our DE IVF program in biotexcom, am sure they are the ones. Good luck with your treatment :wink: