Clomid round 3!


Hey everyone just joined the forum today, I am doing my 3rd round of Clomid and if this doesn’t work the doc said we will be moving up to injections. I’m feel just so depressed and sad because we have been trying for so long and nothing yet. I’ve miscarried 4 times now and it just rips me apart inside. I don’t think I have been truly happy in so long because I honestly feel like I am pathetic because I can’t give my husband a child of his own. He keeps saying if we can’t there are other options and trys to be supportive but I’m just so down. I’m not sure what to do any suggestions anyone?


Wow dont beat yourself up like that :grouphug: . I’m sure your husband doesn’t feel that way. There definitely are more options. Don’t let this mess put a wedge between you and your husband. I’m sorry you have gone through 4 miscarriages…that is truly devistating. Are you seeing an RE and being monitored?