Clomid vs Femara?


Hi everyone, as you guys know from my posts, I failed my 2nd IUI yesterday. I’ve been on Clomid for 6 cycles total, and honestly I’ve lost faith in that medicine, Even though every time I’ve been on it (n even w/o it) I had nice big follicles (2-3) and was most likely ovulating (I can tell from the pain). The lining always looked great and my RE was hopeful every month, still no success. Now I’m willing to give IUI another shot, however I had my RE order Femara instead of Clomid this time around… Unfortunately only the nurse communicated with me so I didnt get a chance to discuss the exact pros and cons of Femara, but I’m a physician myself and have done enough research on this med. What I want to know is whether anyone has had luck with Femara after having failed therapy with Clomid? I’m just confused as to why Clomid wasnt able to get me pregnant when my ovaries/follies/endometrium lining all looked great. Maybe it’s an implantation problem (havent had a lap, so dont know about the possibility of endometriosis… or PGT to assess egg quality etc). Still, I’m looking for some success stories with Femara, if there are any…?


I know a few girls who have done many cycles on clomid and it didn’t work. Then to move onto Femara and have a bfp the first cycle. Sometimes clomid just doesn’t work. good luck!


Thanks for such a prompt response. It’s exactly the kind of encouragement I was looking for :grouphug: . I hope I’m one of those girls too!


I second that, my friend was on clomid and it never worked and also got pregannt first tryon Femara. I still on my first try of Clomid but think AF may come soon.


[B] hi!!! I did 4 cycles of clomid with my obgyn then seek out a RE and he gave me femara . I wii be sincere it didn’t get me pregnant on that month so I left it like that, next month without no meds I got pregnant naturally. Then I got pregnant again ( miscarry both ) and I got pregnant again and had my daughter. I could say that just one dose of femara fix my ovulation problems and now I don’t need medication to get pregnant. Good luck to you.:flower: [/B]