Clotting Disorder and IUI


I was just wondering if there is anyone who is going through IUI and has a clotting disorder. If so, what is your experience with timing of lovenox?

I have antiphospholipid syndrome. I was pg 5 years ago and have a DD who was born at 27 wks (due to the clotting issue). We are ttc #2. Going on third cycle of gonal-f and iui, with some male factor issues.

My RE doesn’t think the clotting is posing a problem. She said she would start me on lovenox after I get a bfp. I am wondering if the clotting can prevent implantation and that i need to be on lovenox earlier?

If this cycle doesn’t work, my RE wants to move on to ivf.


Reply to Pennychild

I too have a mild clotting issue. MTHFR and Protein S diff.I have a 3yr old DD delivered at 26w+2d. Later we found out about the “thick blood” issue. I’m on IUI #2 this week and will start Lovenox on day 7 post IUI. (which should be next Tuesday) Last IUI I started Lovenox as well. Didn’t notice anything odd except having to be extra careful to not bump into things as bruising might become an issue. Are you already on 81mg Aspirin daily?


Yes, I am taking baby aspirin. I was on coumadin for awhile after DD was born because I had a DVT and PE, but I stopped it and I am just on baby aspirin. I got pg about 2 yrs ago, but mc around 5 wks). My RE doesn’t want to start lovenox until I get a bfp. I am wondering if part of the reason I am not getting pg is because of the clotting and whether I need to be on lovenox earlier.