Clotting Issue?


Anybody on here have an issue with clotting during your periods? I have had this issue for some time now and I wonder if this could be preventing me from getting pregnant. I take baby aspirin every day but it doesn’t seem to cut back on any clotting.


yes, clotting

Yes, I had some big ones. Best things that helped me were accupuncture and 2 Arginine pills/day


Yes! I have had them for years (about the size of large grapes). I am going to the OB tomorrow to talk about my recent m/c and that is one of my questions… If there is a correlation between clots during regular period and infertility/pregnancy loss. I am going to ask if i should get testing for some sort of clotting disorder?

Side note… I was on baby aspirin and heparin for all of my cycles which was said to supposedly take the endometriosis/clotting out if the equation for the time being… And metformin with the last fresh/fet cycle which was supposed to improve the egg quality (which I think it did).