CM Before Trigger?


Hey all,

Just wondering if having cervical mucus before triggering is normal. I usually get it two days before ovulating, so I am worried as the doctor mentioned today that I will probably be triggered tomorrow - pending blood test (they usually call me in the late afternoon to tell me what to do that night). I called my doctor - as it is a Sunday I had to leave a message with their answering service and now I am worried that I am being a bit paranoid. Is this something to be concerned about?

Thanks for any thought about this!


I would say no. Its from the high estrogen, thats why you have it right now (and during your surge days normal cycle). And in my experience if it comes back again full force around 10-12 dpo, you may very well be pregnant.

good Luck


I always had noticeable EWCM a day or so before the trigger - something I actually never had much of in a regular cycle. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. My ovulation never jumped the gun. Good luck!