CNY Fertility


CNY Fertility now has donor embryos available…FYI!


I saw this on their website the other day. And they havent had any for a long time. Their prices are good, but on the other hand their success rates suck!!! I dont think i can spend like 3500 when the live birth rate is only 14%!!!

I was hoping they were better cuz i really really want to try, but we dont have much money already, i dont want to waste it. Thanks for the heads up tho…


What do you mean they have donor embryos? I’ve looked at their donors and they don’t have good success rates. I’m beginning to think it’s a lab issue verses a donor issue. What lab/clinic are you going to for them? I went to lathem and had no luck. The staff is great but I think the lab isn’t very good.


Yes, she means donor embryos. They had them listed on their website. Im assuming they are all taken if you called an inquired on them. i think there was 6 or 7 sets on their website. They have a first come first serve stance on their donated embies, and ive been looking at their website for almost a year pretty frequently and this is the first time ive seen donated embies on their page.

Their EGG donor stats arent SUPER good, but reasonable for the cost i guess. Its about a 50/50 shot. Which isnt super good like other clinics, but they are at least 1/2 the price of other program too.


I normally go to Latham as well! I have not had any success there, obviously. Could be a lab issue, not sure. But I did a cycle at Boston IVF and got the same results. I will go to Syracuse for my next transfer. I found a donor on Miracles Waiting who did her cycle in Syracuse. She had an egg donor (proven by 3-4 cycles) with her husband’s sperm. She had twins (as well as some previous women who used the same egg donor). She has three embryos at the blast stage and was looking for someone quickly. I contacted her and she had a contract drawn up in two days. I think she chose me becasue I am already a patient of CNY. I will do the transfer in early Feb. It’s worth a try…no shipping costs, good quality embryos, easy drive (2 hours)…