Columbia Fertility in DC Area


Just wondering if there are any other ladies on here that are cycling at Columbia Fertility?


Hi Nilah,

I just went through my second IVF cycle at CFA. (1st beta was today.) Hoping to stay :preg: and thus not need to cycle again any time soon, but unfortunately this feels very similar to what happened my last cycle, which did not end so well.

Hoping all goes well with your quest for child #2!


cynsue- I hope that you don’t have to go through this again too. What was your beta and when is the next one.:pray: that it keeps rising and that you have an uneventful full term pregnancy. Who did you cycle with? Dr. Butler is my RE.


I went through them for 3 IUIs and 2 IVF cycles. I left bc of the office staff. It was terrible. Everything from loosing my file, to not knowing who I am, to giving me advice based on my insurance which was TOTALLY wrong. I shed so many tears and experienced so much frustration that we left there and took the 3 FEs we had and went to Dominion. I also didn’t like the advice the doctor we had was giving us. He was fine with going forward and not changing anything or going further to understand why we had unexplained infertility. So we left.


Wow! I am so sorry that you had that expereince. That sounds so counter to the experience I had the first time and what it has been like this time around too. I am glad that you found somewhere that you are pleased with.


Yeah, when we first started there, we loved it. During the IUI part, I had the most amazing nurses! And everything and everyone was wonderful. Even the first IVF cycle - 4 eggs, 2 embryos, 2 day 5 fresh transfer - went great and everyone was great. After that, it all went down hill. Honestly, I felt that they wanted me to leave b/c I was bringing their numbers down and they couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t getting pregnant. After leaving, I met another girl at the park (i’m a nanny) and she said the same thing happened to her too! I am SO glad you are having a different experience.