Combine DH and Donor Samples for IUI?


My DH and I did 2 IUI’s without success. DH’s count has remained high but motility has gone WAY down. We are considering using donor sperm to do one last IUI before trying IVF. Our question is whether or not it is possible to combine DH and donor’s sperm samples for IUI. That way we wouldn’t know whether it was from DH or donor, and we could believe it was from DH.

Does anyone know? Thanks in advance!


My husband has asked about doing that. I think that way he still can hope his sperm have a chance.


unjour - I don’t know how common it is but I have come across posts where others do this. I’ve also seen a few post where couple mix DE and the woman’s own eggs. I think if you and your DH are certain you want to go this route and your doctor doesn’t have any issues with it, go for it.

Best of luck to you.