"Comment" button


Commenting on individual posts seemed like a great idea for about 7.8 seconds. We now have to page back through posts to see & read if anyone commented. Am I doing something wrong or is this the way the feature was meant to work? (Sure I could read the “latest activity”, but they get separated to the post they are related to and thus lose their context.)


You got me - this whole format pretty much sucks giant hairy monkey balls.


It’s a direct comment, like to the person’s specific post, not a general post to the thread. Much like the reply feature on several other social sites (facebook)


Testing testing.


I get it, however this isn’t a social network site. Heck, it is barely a community forum anymore! (Don’t know if you noticed, but traffic is waaaaay down.) Are all the changes made? Is this the best this forum is going to get as far as speed and quality of “improvements”?