Common questions and answers


Hi! Have found this somewhere time ago. Just thought it would be useful to brush up as we’re moving ivf route once more. Also a nice thing to read for those just starting the treatments. So pasting the following ~
Is spotting normal after embryo transfer?
If you start to have vaginal spotting or light bleeding, don’t panic. It is possible to be pregnant and spot as well. Some women are more prone to bleeding. The bleeding may be cause by the embryo embedding into the endometrium ( the so called „implantation bleed“ ). Rest as much as you can and in case you have any concerns call your local clinic.
Does it mean I’m pregnant if I have symptoms of pregnancy?
Some of the early physical signs of pregnancy such as breast tenderness, bloating, tiredness and nauzea can also be caused by the drugs you are taking, such as progesterone. Symptoms of pregnancy can come and go in some women. You may feel very pregnant one day and feel nothing the next day.
Am I allowed to swim and exercise post transfer?
It is better to take it easy and avoid exercise as some types of exercise can elevate your body temperature and pulse rate excessively. Gentle walking is fine.
You should also avoid swimming after embryo transfer as it is best to avoid the chemicals in the water. The same applies to baths, saunas and jacuzzis. Excessive heat may damage the embryos and the moisture and warmth may icrease the risk of infection.
Is it OK to drink coffee and have an occasional glass of wine?
It is better to avoid drinking coffee on a regular basis due to the caffeine content. You can still enjoy a mug of coffee every now and then, even when pregnant. Just make sure that you don’t have more than 200mg of caffeine in a day. That’s two mugs of instant coffee or one mug of brewed coffee. Remember to also count teas (including green tea), coca cola, energy drinks and chocolate. Drinking more than 200mg of caffeine a day when pregnant increases a risk of miscarriage.
No alcohol should be consumed after embryo transfer.
Should I avoid sexual intercourse?
It is recommended to avoid sexual intercourse until you get your pregnancy test result.
Will using a home pregnancy test be accurate?
The most accurate test is the blood test. It provides accurate information about the level of HCG in your blood so it is more effective. Research has shown that home (urine) pregnancy tests do not always spot pregnancy early.