Compacted VS Expanded Blasts...difference?


today we transfered two 5 day blasts. RE said one was compacted and one was expanded. what’s the difference?


It’s just different stages of the process. Expanded is the last step they take where they are rapidly producing cells, and they start enlarging (if you have a photo, it’s the bigger one) and will crack open the shell to attach to the uterine lining.

Compacted is the stage before that.

As long as it’s a blast, things look good for you. Expanded are just usually a few hours ahead of the other.

If you search the net, you will can find photos to compare. They aren’t really different types, but are at different stages. But both are exactly where they need to be on the 5th day. I transferred one of each of the same, so I had to look it up! :slight_smile:


The fully expanded blast is more likely to implant.