Compacting 7 cell embryo? Ghost or anyone with experience?


Hi ladies…

Today we transferred 4 embryos. One 7 cell, one 6 cell, two 4 cells… All 10% or less fragmentation. My clinic told me the 7 cell was compacting. I thought this didn’t happen until the embryo became a morula. I’m afraid that means my little embie isn’t progressing normally. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Thank you in advance!


No compacting is a good thing … On day 3 of this cycle I had a compacting 8 cell emby that became one of the blasts I put back and resulted in my current pg. I the k that 7 cell is prob your best emby


Thx sorcet! Congrats on you :preg:

Do you think the fact that my embie was only 7 cells instead of 8 is worrisome?

I know… I’m already obsessing


Ha no I think you’re ok the best I can get is 8 cells in another hour ur 7 cell could have been 8 … My other blast was 6 cells on day 3 :slight_smile:


I really appreciate your replies. Praying for a happy healthy 9 months for you:flower:


Peanut ~ Sending you positive vibes! I would not worry too much about the 7-cell. I know they say 8 is ideal on Day 3, but I have seen many successes with fewer celled embryos and personally have had success with a more fragmented 2-cell embryo (my daughter).



Thx night owl! I’m praying lots. Looks like you are due soon with another little miracle:). Good luck and I appreciate your comment!


I answered with a PM. Good luck.