Completely confused, probable miscarriage


I have lurked here occasionally in the past, but don’t know if I’ve ever posted. I am currently going through my second possible miscarriage (first was in August at 9 weeks. Saw a heartbeat previously, and then no heartbeat the next week, with slow growth). This was our first month back on Clomid after that loss.

I will give you guys the full story.

I started what I thought was my period on Nov. 13th. It was lighter than normal, but I chalked it up to possibly not ovulating (I had a negative HPT on Nov. 11th), and started my next round of Clomid on the 16th. On Sat. Nov. 19th, I felt a little funny when I got up, and decided to test, just to put my mind at ease. Imagine my surprise when there was a blaring BFP. Of course, I was scared due to the fact I had taken 4 doses of Clomid (50mg). I called my OB on Monday morning, and had a bhcg drawn. The levels went as follows:

Nov. 21st - 284
Nov. 23rd - 434
Nov. 28th - 1395
Dec. 1 - 1535 (u/s showed gest. sac 5w2d)
Dec. 6th - 2455
Dec. 7th - 3594
Dec. 8th - u/s showed yolk sac and fetal pole 6w1d. There is a subchorionic hematoma that has grown as well.

I also have had low progesterone at 6 taken on Nov. 21st. Put on suppositories. I stopped the progesterone after the Dec. 1st draw, expecting a miscarriage, and my progesterone on Dec. 6th was 12 (I am planning on restarting, just because I am so completely confused).

I am completely shocked that the numbers are increasing, that the growth was appropriate for one week especially with such a minimal rise in hcg. I don’t know what to think. Anyone have any words of wisdom, advice, similar story? I can’t wrap my mind around it, and I although I am 99.9999% sure it isn’t a viable pregnancy, I can’t help but have a miniscule sliver of hope.


I don’t see where/why you would be miscarrying?..did your Dr. tell you that or something? Your numbers and progress look great.

I pray that you are NOT! :pray:


The levels have never doubled appropriately, and last week, went up less than 200 in four days. I should be 7 weeks or so, by LMP (but could’ve ovulated late), and even at 6 weeks, the levels should be over 10,000 by now. I am just confused.


I pray that this is a healthy, viable pregnancy.

I’m sorry you are going through this.

I have a neighbor and good friend who had 2 miscarriages and then 2 beautiful healthy children.

Hang in there.:grouphug:


Don’t give up Hope untill you know for sure. It is hard. Check this will give you averages, may help you determine where you should be… There are plenty of stories out there so even if it doesn’t work out hopefully it will next time. :babydust: to you!

Let me add I have had 4 miscarriages :frowning: and success! I had three in row and it was heart breaking and I gave up all Hope, but I shouldn’t have.