Conceiving naturally after hydrosalpinx removal


Hi all! to make a long story short I have had three failed IVF cycles. My doctor suspected I had endometriosis so yesterday we did an exploratory lap. They found a left hydrosalpinx which is a blockage in the distal portion of the fallopian tube which can leak toxic fluid into the uterus. They also found moderate endometriosis. So they removed the left Fallopian tube And removed and The endometriosis. My question is now that we have a diagnosis and have removed the damaged tube, Do we have any chance of conceiving naturally without continuing on with IVF? I know our chances of success with IVF is much better now that the tube has been removed, But wondered if we had any chance naturally? I have my WTF appointment with my reproductive endocrinologist next week but wanted to hear what you ladies thought. Thank you!


I had a similar issue. My right tube had a hydrosalpinx and the left had some blockage. My RE said that removing the right tube and freeing the left could be all i needed so the plan was to remove the hydrosalpinx and if all went well, to try naturally for 6 months before moving on to other methods. After my lap, they told me that they removed the rigt tube and they removed adhesions from the left but that it wasn’t functioning as it should and wasn’t very healthy. My chances of a natural pregnancy was very low and if it did happen, the chance of ectopic was pretty high. I was told that IVF was pretty much my only option. So for me, it depended on the health of my remaining tube. I don’t have endometriosis so I’m not sure what kind if factor that plays in on your chances.


Thank you! That makes a lot of sense, regarding the other tube. The endometriosis has an effect egg quality as well. Thanks so much for your thoughts!


I’d say it’s very unlikely. The real issue is where the hydrosalpinx came from in the first place? There is something more going on, maybe the endometriosis, that is causing issues.