Conceptions of Colorado - Success Stories?


Hello! Although I’ve been reading a lot on this forum, this is my first post ever! Wondering if any of you are using Conceptions of Colorado? Any success stories?

I’m excited to start my first IVF at Conceptions in March!


Hi, I don’t, but my very beloved RE is leaving my area and moving there to be at that practice on 4/1.

His name is Ryan Riggs. He specializes in advanced maternal age and low AMH.

He’s very direct and blunt and I really hope that this is my time bc I will be devastated to go to someone else.

I feel like he wouldn’t go somewhere outstanding fwiw.

Good luck!!!


Since not many have posted here, I thought I would chime in. A few months ago I spoke with another board participant about another Colorado doctor. She mentioned when she left him, she went to Conceptions in Denver. She was blessed with twins from her Conceptions cycle and then ended up pregnant on her own and is due in May. This user’s post mentioned a Dr. Swanson.

She had nothing but rave reviews about her Conceptions experience and even felt more comfortable at Conceptions than her consult with CCRM.

Wishing you the best of luck!!


Very UnHappy with Conceptions of Denver

Hi All - My DH and I first went to Conceptions in the fall of 2012. I have had 3 unsuccessful IUIs which were performed by 3 different nurses; one who was a student and could not find my cervix, one who could not open my cervix. I have not seen my doctor (who is no longer there) since September. Most all of my orders were coming from Dr. Swanson (whom we have never met). We had many issues at Conceptions, most due to a lack of professionalism and poor bedside manner. We are meeting with Dr. Gustofson at CCRM in April. Although we will have to start over from scratch I feel this is the best decision for my family. The only reason I write this is because I wish I had found a site like this before wasting a lot of time and money at this clinic. We have recently met new friends who have had mirrored experiences to ours at Conceptions. They are now at Kyzar in Denver and having success after only 3 months. This couple did 10+ IUIs with Conceptions. I hope this does not discourage but really wish I had someone tell me this 5 months ago.


May 2011 - Unplanned Pregnancy
Ended in Blighted Ovum

August 2011 - August 2012 - Tried Naturally/Unsuccessfully

September 2012 - Consultation with Dr. Von Wald at
Conceptions. Did all testing.
Came back with all positive/above
average results.

October 2012 - Clomid
IUI with 2 freezes (DH count was
low, this was never adressed but we were
told that would need to use 2 from now

November 2012 - Clomid
Cyst caused by Clomid

December 2012 - Letrozole
IUI with 2 Freezes
(performed by a student nurse who could
not find my cervix)

February 2013 - Letrozole
IUI with 2 Freezes
(nurse could not open my cervix for at
least 10 minutes.)

March 2013 - Cancelled our consultation with Dr. Swanson

April 2013 - First consult at CCRM